Taking Stock…

What are my web design goals? I am interested in learning the fundamentals of web design and development because I want to expand my skill set as a graphic designer. I think this training will make me more marketable and provide me with many professional opportunities the industry.

Which aspects of web design interest you the most? I am most interested in (X)HTML coding. As a designer, I have dabbled with Dreamweaver and occasionally have snuck a peek at the code. I want to understand what all those letters and symbols mean and how it works in relationship to my design.

What current skills do you have that will be useful in creating web pages?I have worked as a designer for over a decade and have designed many web sites in the past. I understand the importance of layout, the relationship of color and content. I am very familiar with the software programs needed for design.

Which skills will you need to brush up on? Even though I’ve had some brief training in HTML and read a few books on the subject, I feel my knowledge on the subject is really limited and I am looking forward to learning as much as I can.

Which hardware and software tools do you already have for web design? Which tools do you need to buy? Which tools would you like but eventually? Luckily, I am set on tools! I own a Macbook Pro. I have the Adobe Creative Suite Design & Web additions.


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